Friday, September 23, 2011

Does the black box on a plane contain a tracking device?

I am sorry if this is an over-asked question. I didn't find any others like it when I searched, and I know next to nothing about airplanes.

I want to know if a crashed plane could be found, assuming it had crashed somewhere remote.|||The black box does not have a tracking device. It only records what happens on a half-hour loop. In all part 121, 124, and 135 air operations (commuter, air taxi, and scheduled airlines) the aircraft is required to carry an emergency locator transmitter. The ELT will automatically activate and send out a signal if it is subjected to a shock load of more than 2 G's (two times the force of gravity). That's how they locate planes in sparcly populated areas. I know this because I fly search and rescue in a Helicopter. Yes I have an ELT.|||It only contains recordings from the flight deck so things like navigation and communication and other various flight data but no actual tracking device.

I'm not sure exactly how air traffic controllers track planes but it seems as though when they go down nobody really knows the true location all they know is where they were last recorded on the sonar so my guess is no as far as a trackign device is concerned.|||As far as I know from watching "seconds to disaster" the so called black boxes do not have tracking devices. They do contain cockpit voice recordings and specifics on the status of key avionics. The transponder can relay position but I believe if a plane crashed, the trasponder would be nonfunctional. Maybe modern planes have beacons built into the black box?|||Most recorders have a beacon on them, which is used if they crash in the water.

Otherwise, as said above, the ELT should allow location of a crash site, if aircraft is so equipped. The ELT runs off a lithium battery but is not as rugged as a recorder, and will die in a fire or from extreme physical shock.鈥?/a>|||it contains full audio and video recording of the things that take place in the aircraft|||I don't believe that they black boxes have any tracking devices on the them. Most aircraft are equipped with an ELT - Emergency Locater Transmitter. This allows the authorities to search for a downed aircraft.

The black boxes are there to recorder the flight data and the cockpit voice recordings.|||Yes it can be found after a crash, but that is what the ELT is for (Emergency Locator Transmitter). Not the black box.

The ELT will send out a signal if it encounters a severe impact. They can also be manually set off if need be.

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